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Trailblazing Speakers and Celebrities

  • Peter Guber
  • Peter Guber

    CEO – Mandalay Entertainment
    Owner – Golden State Warriors and LA Dodgers
    Author – "Tell To Win - Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story"

    Peter Guber is Chairman and CEO of the multimedia Mandalay Entertainment Group. Prior to Mandalay, Guber led Sony Pictures Entertainment, Polygram Entertainment, Casablanca Record & Filmworks and Columbia Pictures. Guber produced films that garnered five Best Picture Academy Award nominations (winning for Rain Man) and box office hits that include The Color Purple, Midnight Express, Batman, Flashdance and The Kids Are All Right. Guber is also the Owner and Co-executive Chairman of the Golden State Warriors, as well as the Co-owner of the LA Dodgers. Additionally, Guber is a weekly entertainment and media analyst for Fox Business News and a professor at UCLA. Peter Guber is a noted author with works including "Inside The Deep" and "Shootout: Surviving Fame and (Mis)Fortune in Hollywood." Guber's most recent business book, "Tell To Win - Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story," an instant #1 New York Times bestseller, shows how to move beyond soulless figures to create purposeful stories that can serve as powerful calls to action.

  • George Takei
  • George Takei

    Star Trek Legend, Social Media Superstar and author of "Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet)"

    For nearly 50 years, George Takei has been famous for his portrayal of Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, as well as appearances in 40+ feature films and hundreds of television shows. In 2011, Takei reinvented himself when he joined Facebook and gave his fans what they truly wanted, his self-aware humor. With 1,624,780 likes on Facebook and 348,019 Twitter followers, Takei is now a bona fide social media celebrity. His rate of engagement is the most impressive digital achievement, ranking with the likes of Rihanna.

  • Adam Garone
  • Adam Garone

    CEO and Co-Founder – Movember

    Adam Garone is the CEO & co-founder of Movember, the annual world-wide charity movement dedicated to changing the face of men's health - all through the power of the moustache. To date, over 3 million moustaches have been grown and supported for Movember, raising more than $440 million to change the face of men's health. Movember has grown into the world's largest non-government funder of prostate cancer research, with official campaigns in 21 countries. For two years in a row, Movember has been recognized among the top 100 global NGOs by The Global Journal. In 2008, Adam also won the 22nd annual Ernst & Young (E&Y) "Entrepreneur of the Year" award in Australia. Prior to his role at Movember, Adam spent ten years working in a corporate environment developing, managing and marketing emerging web and mobile technologies for companies such as Vodafone.

  • John Cena
  • WWE® Superstar John Cena®

    As WWE Champion, John Cena combines his athleticism, charisma, strong work ethic and genuine personality to make him one of the brightest stars in WWE and its hit cable program, Monday Night RAW on the USA Network. Cena devotes much of his time working on behalf of numerous charitable causes including Make-A-Wish and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Cena’s work with Make-A-Wish is widely recognized, as he is the only celebrity to reach the 300th wish milestone, and he is closing in on number 400. Cena was also awarded the Chris Grecius Award in 2009, Make-A-Wish’s highest honor. In September 2012, Cena led WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Cena wore special co-branded, pink and black ring gear to raise awareness and funds to help cure breast cancer. WWE donated 100 percent of its profits to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, helping raise $1 million. John Cena has also proven himself to be a powerful marketing force. Recently, WWE and Post Foods signed a partnership to produce 8 million boxes of Pebbles cereal featuring Cena, and Post is featuring him in a national ad campaign this fall. Additionally, Cena has just launched a line of exclusive children’s apparel at Kmart. He has also appeared in advertising and marketing campaigns for Ford, Gillette, Mattel, Subway, 7-Eleven, General Motors and Burger King. Cena is a powerhouse on social media as he is the seventh most followed athlete in the world on Facebook, third in the U.S. behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, with more than 14.7 million fans on Facebook and is also one of the most followed athletes on Twitter with 4.2 million Twitter followers.
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  • Kevin Love
  • Kevin Love

    NBA All-Star – Minnesota Timberwolves

    With his consistently record-breaking performances, two-time NBA All-Star Kevin Love, champion of the 2012 NBA All-Star Three-Point Contest and recipient of the 2011 NBA Most Improved Player Award, has catapulted himself to elite status in the NBA. Helping to bring home the 2012 Olympic gold medal as a vital piece of Team USA, the 6’10” Minnesota Timberwolves power forward is one of the league’s best rebounders and top big men. Love holds the modern-day record for the longest streak of consecutive games recording double-doubles at 53, breaking Hall of Famer Moses Malone’s record of 51. A Portland native, he was selected in the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft by Minnesota, where he has spent his career thus far. Love enjoyed a stellar college basketball career at UCLA, leading the team to a Final Four appearance and earning honors as Pac-10 Rookie of the Year and Pac-10 Player of the Year.

  • Blake Griffin
  • Blake Griffin

    NBA All-Star – Los Angeles Clippers

    A three-time NBA All-Star and 2011 Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin is known for his high-flying dunks and extraordinary athleticism. Selected first overall by the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2009 NBA Draft, the 6’10” forward has transformed the team into a must-watch franchise. A native of Oklahoma City, Okla., Griffin attended the University of Oklahoma, where he was one of the highest rated and most decorated recruits in Sooners history. Griffin already has earned numerous accolades, including the Oscar Robertson Trophy, Adolph Rupp Trophy, John Wooden Award, Naismith Award, Sports Illustrated Player of the Year, multiple NBA Western Conference T-Mobile Rookie of the Month honors and many more.

  • Austin Bone
  • Austin Bone

    VP of Products, Snaps! (formerly known as GoldRun)

    Austin Bone's work bridges design and technology. No stranger to start-up culture, Austin got his hands dirty launching GoldRun, the original award-winning augmented reality mobile platform. At GoldRun, he developed the product from prototype to a full-service mobile application linking brands to consumers. His ability to forecast trends in technology and his unique understanding of technology's greater role in culture has allowed him to build Snaps! (formerly known as GoldRun) into a powerful platform that monetizes photo creation and sharing. His previous experience as an art director – launching campaigns for Fortune 500 clients including Ford Motors, Nike, Kraft Foods, Sony Home Entertainment and others – speaks to his ability to satisfy the needs of brands and consumers alike. His work on the groundbreaking Invisible Popup Store for Airwalk, awarded a Cannes Lion, and his involvement with the cutting-edge digital media company Tronic Studio has contributed to a singular perspective that blurs the lines between advertising, native communication and technology.

  • Shar VanBoskirk

    Tracy Stokes

    Principal Analyst, CMO Professionals
    Forrester Research

  • Rob Brosnan

    Rob Brosnan

    Senior Analyst,
    Customer Insights
    Forrester Research

  • Kevin Ertell

    Kevin Ertell

    Vice President of Ecommerce,
    Sur La Table

  • Patrick Fitzgerald

    Patrick Fitzgerald

    Vice President, Interactive
    SIRIUS XM Radio

  • Don Steele

    Don Steele

    VP Digital and Marketing
    Comedy Central

  • Bill Elliott

    Bill Elliott

    VP, Direct Marketing
    Bare Necessities

  • Mike Dean

    Mike Dean

    Experian Consumer Direct


  • Victor Nichols

    Victor Nichols

    Chief Executive Officer
    Experian North America

  • Matt Seeley

    Matt Seeley

    Group President
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Ashley Johnston

    Ashley Johnston

    Senior Vice President, Global Marketing
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Daniel Schotland

    Jeff Hassemer

    Senior Vice President, Product Strategy
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Bill Tancer

    Bill Tancer

    General Manager, Global Research
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Peter DeNunzio

    Peter DeNunzio

    SVP and General Manager, Cross-Channel Marketing
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Yara Lutz

    Yara Lutz

    Vice President, Client Services, Cross-Channel Marketing
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Kat Berman

    Kat Berman

    Vice President, Product Marketing, Cross-Channel Marketing
    Experian Marketing Services

  • Anita Gandhi

    Anita Gandhi

    Vice President of Strategic Services, Consumer Insights
    Experian Marketing Services